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Maintenance and Repair of Operation Services

In the face of fluctuating oil prices, and supply chain disruptions, oil and gas companies need reliable sourcing strategies and partners to survive and remain competitive in the volatile business climate. Supporting functions can make all the difference between profitability and loss, primarily due to their nature of low value orders but high frequency of ordering.
MRO outsourcing is a practical and cost-effective solution for the maintenance and repair challenges today’s plant operators face.
Outsource your MRO requirements to GET Global Services to contain costs and maintain efficiency not just for the short-term but for the future. With GET Global as your PSCM partner and advisor, you will achieve the following benefits:

Our maintenance and repair of operations (MRO) services

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI): Our business goal is to meet your individual requirements, by providing dedicated support in each area: assessment, procurement and sourcing, warehousing and logistics. We offer complete turnkey solutions for vendor managed inventory or standalone services such as:


Our smart advanced analytics, cutting-edge platforms, and domain experts enables more intelligent, quicker, innovative, and accurate decision-making for critical business processes, while also helping you to identify value propositions.

Buy House (procurement & sourcing)

We adopt a holistic approach in helping businesses transform their legacy processes, practices and structures, and align them with the current needs of the enterprise in the shortest period of time. We help to simplify the tools and processes that you use for procurement, reducing the number of steps involved and making better use of negotiated terms and pricing. We deliver lasting financial results while also building internal capabilities.


Our warehouse consultants can design, run, improve and manage numerous warehouses customized to your unique needs. With specialized skills in dispatch planning, fleet utilization and vessel management, we ensure seamless flow of products from source to destination. We process ABC analysis to determine the criticality of spares/ inventory items (Min-Max-ROP).


Our dedicated team of specialists for oil and gas logistic can assist you in every step of the supply chain process, thanks to our tailored services: from the safe and efficient transportation of oil & gas products, to international project coordination, anywhere in the world.

The GET Global Advantage

Thanks to our thorough knowledge of all the major types of oil & gas plants, equipment and components, we are the independent partner to entrust with the consolidation, coordination and management of otherwise disparate and specific maintenance activities.
Our end-to-end MRO services can help to shape the profitability and unearth opportunities to increase operational efficiency, while also helping you to improve the project execution and spend effectively on capital projects.
Based on our extensive experience, we have developed an unrivalled understanding of how, when and where to apply the most effective operational methods and specialist maintenance solutions for optimum performance at lowest possible costs.
We address regulations for transportation of hazardous products across challenging terrains, as well as reporting, to comply with health, safety and environment norms.
Our true strength is our ability to collaborate and embrace customer objectives as our own, create unique and tested designs and then build cost efficient solutions that meet our customers’ most critical MRO requirements.
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